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Make the Best Reverse Advent Calendar to Spread Love

Have you ever heard of a Reverse Advent Calendar? The standard advent calendar is a beloved holiday tradition, where you open a little door each day in December to find a small treat, often chocolates or tiny gifts, counting down to Christmas. But there’s another kind of advent calendar that’s all about spreading love and helping those in need.  It’s called a “reverse advent calendar,” and it works differently from the usual ones.

What’s a Reverse Advent Calendar, anyway?

The origin of the reverse advent calendar can be traced back to Julie Van Rosendaal, a Canadian, who initiated this concept in November 2015. She requested donations for her local food bank instead of traditional calendars. Van Rosendaal and her family turned the empty spaces in the boxes into a reverse advent calendar, with a plan to add something each day starting on December 1. Once the calendar is full, they will generously donate it to the Calgary Food Bank.

With a Reverse Advent Calendar, instead of receiving something every day, you give something away. Each day leading up to Christmas, you add a non-perishable food item, a warm piece of clothing, a toy, or any other useful item to a box. And when the holiday arrives, you take your box of goodies to a local charity, food bank, or a family in need. It’s like an Advent Calendar of kindness and generosity.

Reverse advent calendar

Why Spread Love with a Reverse Advent Calendar?

The holiday season is a time for giving, and it’s not just about giving material gifts. It’s also about giving back to your community, spreading love, and making the world a warmer and happier place. By creating a Reverse Advent Calendar, you’re sharing your love and blessings with those who need it most.

Here’s why you should consider spreading love with a Reverse Advent Calendar:

  • Spread Warmth in the Cold: As winter sets in, many people struggle to stay warm. Your donation of warm clothing or blankets can make a significant difference in someone’s life.
  • Fight Hunger: Sadly, not everyone has enough to eat, especially during the holiday season. Non-perishable food items can fill someone’s belly and warm their heart.
  • Teach Compassion: By involving your family, especially kids, in creating a Reverse Advent Calendar, you’re teaching them about compassion, generosity, and the joy of giving.
  • Make the Season Brighter: The holidays can be a lonely time for some. Your kind gesture can bring smiles and joy to people’s faces.
  • Build a Stronger Community: Giving back strengthens your community bonds and fosters a sense of togetherness and support for one another.


Reverse advent calendar

How to Make the Best Reverse Advent Calendar

Ready to create a Reverse Advent Calendar that will spread love far and wide? Here’s how to do it:

  • Gather Your Supplies. You don’t need much to get started. All you need is a sturdy box or a crate to hold your items. You can decorate it with festive wrapping paper or keep it simple – it’s up to you. Make sure it’s large enough to hold all your daily donations.
  • Decide on the Items. Plan what items you’ll add to your calendar. Non-perishable food items like canned goods, pasta, and rice are excellent choices. Warm clothing like scarves, hats, and gloves are perfect for the season. Toys, toiletries, and other essentials are also great options. You can even include handwritten notes of encouragement and love.
  • Choose a Charity or Recipient. Decide where you’ll be donating your items. Local food banks, shelters, charities, and churches often welcome donations. If you know a family in need, you can also give directly to them. Make sure to contact your chosen organization in advance to find out what they need most.
  • Set a Daily Reminder. With all the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget to add items to your Reverse Advent Calendar each day. Set a daily reminder on your phone or place your calendar in a spot where you’ll see it often, like the kitchen or by the front door.
  • Involve the Whole Family. Creating a Reverse Advent Calendar is a wonderful family activity. Get your kids involved in selecting items, packing the box, and, if possible, taking the donation to the recipient. It’s a heartwarming way to teach them the true spirit of the season.
  • Document Your Journey. Consider keeping a journal or taking photos throughout the process. Share your journey on social media with the hashtag #SpreadLove. You might inspire others to start their own Reverse Advent Calendar.
  • Deliver Your Love. On Christmas Eve or any day you choose, gather your box of love and head to your chosen charity or recipient. You’ll be amazed at how much warmth and love you can spread in a simple, cardboard box.

A Gift of Love

Creating a Reverse Advent Calendar is not just about giving material items; it’s about spreading love. It’s a gift from your heart to those who need it most. The holiday season is a perfect time to show kindness, compassion, and generosity. By making the best Reverse Advent Calendar, you’ll be creating a tradition of love and warmth that will brighten the lives of others and your own.

So, let’s make this holiday season extra special by spreading love with our Reverse Advent Calendars. It’s a simple yet powerful way to make the world a kinder, warmer, and happier place, one box at a time. Happy giving!

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