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Why share your good news stories?

365give has a very simple framework that keeps us moving towards our vision of . happier, more compassionate world 365 days of the year: Teach, Inspire, Empower.

It’s why we share our giving stories to teach, inspire, and empower you! It ripples x3 and your stories can too! When you share your story, you’re creating a ripple effect of social good that will change the world.

Shared stories

I'm taking my mother for a special day of shopping, dinner and overnight stay in a lovely downtown hotel. Special treats for such a special woman.

– Chantal Trudeau

This week, I used my connections and skills to help get a homeless man in my neighbourhood a new home! He will be moving into his own apartment very soon, and I am so happy. We will get to ask for donations from our community to set up his home and get everyone involved.

– Nic Way

"Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance." -Jacqueline Way

– Alicia Luna

Today was freezing in Vancouver, Canada with unusual temperatures way below freezing. I keep heading to the beach to support a homeless man with warm food and anything he requires. Knowing he is warm warms my heart.

– Jacqueline Way

I made a donation to Borders Without Frontiers, one of my favourite charitable organizations. I hope it helps people in war zones who are fighting for their lives and freedom.

– Chantal Trudeau

i'm a nice adult I play with our dog named Cara and I live at home with My parents.

– Sanika Mishra

I gave a friend the time and love to just listen when they needed an ear and a shoulder.

– Jacqueline Way

Give snack to my daughter's classmate today.

– Roan Andal

Pick it up! I picked up garbage on my walk today to brighten my path.

– Zoe, UK

Round it Up: I rounded up my shopping bill to make a collective donation to charity.

– Chantal, USA

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