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We are thrilled to share the news and stories of our organization that have been featured all over the world. From local news to national publications, podcasts, and interviews, we are grateful for the opportunity to spread the message of giving and share our journey with you.

How to Be Happy Every Day; It Will Change the World

365give Founder Jacqueline Way shares her insights on the power of giving to create happiness and positive change in the world. With over 7.8 million views, this inspiring talk encourages individuals to make small acts of giving a daily habit and highlights the ripple effect that can be created when everyone embraces the joy of giving.



In a single moment, your life can change. This podcast explores how you can change your life in a moment.

Tea with a Titan

Tea with Titan host Mary-Jo speaks with those people who have one thing in common: The ability to provide a perspective shift, despite the obstacles.

Heart Math Institute

Gratitude is an amplifier of heart energy and one of the quickest ways to offset stress and lift our mood. Jacqueline shares her inspiring story about how waking up to the power of gratitude moved her to do a yearlong experiment with her young son that changed the world.

Happiness 2.0

When you are at your peak performance and when you are happy, you have a unique opportunity to use your power to create great change in the world. Answer the key questions – What’s your why?  Why are you here? How do you grow through your challenges and build your passion to create positive change in the world.


How to Turn On Your Daily Dose of Happiness What’s the difference between happiness and joy? Learn how to create your happiness toolbox.

Lori Clarke Show

Learning to create happiness from the inside out changes the way you look at and experience the world. It’s time to put on those rose-coloured glasses and take control of your happiness.

Print Media

North Shore Newspaper

Ambitious Vancouver students create a global giving event called Do1Give Day in partnership with 365give to change the world in just one day!

Shape Magazine

Change the way you think with this article:
Wellness-Focused TED Talks That Will Inspire You to Live Your Happiest (and Healthiest) Life

AwarenessTies Magazine

Is kindness our true nature? The answer is yes. We are born to be kind, compassionate, and loving. We just need to grow our kindness muscles so we are kind and compassionate in every area of our life.

Business Standard India

Explore the science of giving and the motivation to understand the power of habits we can create in our lives.

Singju Post

Exploring the benefits of developing and nurturing habits of giving. Add the “helpers high” to your daily life.

Seeking Ceremony

When we talk about giving every day, it’s about being intentional with our energy. Giving is a form of love. The energetic frequency of love in action. We can make it a ritual to sooth us every day.


From politicians and scientists to chefs, writers and monks, the secrets of happiness can be found as much in the debate chamber as they can on a plate or in a design studio. We seek out the global game changers looking to uncover the truth about happiness…

Aware Now

Giving is love in action. The quote “you get what you give” isn’t just a pretty Instagram image but the truth. Your life is a mirror reflection of what you put out to the world. If you want love give love. It’s the common thread that runs through us all.

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Schools & classrooms

Teachers, transform your classrooms into happy, thriving communities with the 365give Challenge!

Youth leadership clubs

Youth leaders, are you looking for a club that’s all about making a difference? Look no further!


Parents, cultivate an environment of happiness, gratitude, and compassion in your home!


Do you want to be part of changing the world? You’re not alone – so do we.