Ignite a classroom culture of

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The 365give Challenge for classrooms

This program is designed to be led by teachers and fueled by the creativity and passion of their students.

Looking to create a classroom culture of giving and happiness?

Look no further than the 365give Challenge for Classroom!

Our school program offers a simple framework that’s easily implemented and integrated into your curricular outcomes and goals. The 365give Challenge is grounded in science and inspired by the heart. Giving boosts the mental health of children, fosters a sense of purpose, and improves their overall well-being.

How we do it

If we want to overcome the world’s greatest challenges, we all need to take action. That’s a daunting thought! The good news is that big things start with small steps. Our programs are built around a framework that “TIE”s it all together for you.


  • Give other people ideas they may not have considered
  • Model positive behaviour for everyone
  • Show others how happy you become when you give
  • Demonstrate the impact of ordinary, everyday goodness


  • Create a culture of kindness and generosity
  • Encourage others to become everyday heroes like you
  • Forge strong bonds with your community
  • Feel good! (because inspiration is giving, too)


  • Make giving possible for everyone around the world
  • Put the power of change into everyone’s hands
  • Celebrate cultural difference and similarities
  • Become a powerful force for good

Want to be a powerful force for good? You don’t have to be a superhero or wear a red cape. You don’t even need a big bank account. All it takes is one small act of giving, one day at a time.

We would love to help you start your daily giving habit today!

When students participate in this program, they learn valuable life skills, including social-emotional learning, global citizenship, and real-world problem-solving. Filled with hands-on, collaborative activities, this program is the perfect way to make a positive impact – both inside and outside of your classroom.

Step 1: Teach

The 365give Challenge will transform your classroom into a happy and thriving community. Through our guides, learning videos, and teaching tools, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase your students’ empathy
  • Improve their social-emotional skills
  • Enhance their creativity
  • Foster community engagement
  • Elevate their academic performance

Our program emphasizes the importance of compassion and gratitude, helping students become kinder, more empathetic individuals, which in turn creates a happier, healthier classroom for everyone.

By fostering a culture of giving, we can create a happier, brighter world – one classroom at a time.

Ready to get started right now?
Download any activity to begin your daily giving journey today.

Step 2: Inspire

Need ideas to get your students going?  Check out these videos from our friends at BrightVibes Media. They tell the stories of people changing the world with simple ideas to get started. They took small actions that led to big change!

Step 3: Empower

One of the unique features of our program is that we give students the freedom to choose how they want to give back. It puts the work into the hands of the students, not the teachers.

Studies indicate that when students are given the freedom to choose how they give, they experience the full benefits of giving – including increased happiness and improved health.

That’s why we give your students ownership of their impact on the world. Their choices will reflect what they’re passionate about and allow them to create a positive change in their community and beyond.

We can’t wait to hear how your students choose to give.

Share their voice and inspire others to create a ripple of good all over the world.

Are you ready to join a program?

Benefits of participating in this program

Benefits to your students

  • Increases their mental health, physical health, and overall well-being
  • Improves their cognitive function
  • Elevates their academic outcomes
  • Boosts their life satisfaction and happiness

Benefits to teachers (aka YOU!)

  • Improves your students’ behaviour
  • Strengthens teacher-student relationships
  • Increases classroom engagement
  • Enhances student development

Benefits to your community and the world at large

  • Creates a positive school culture
  • Supports diversity, unity, and inclusion of all learners
  • Encourages positive social bonding in schools and local communities
  • Achieves your school’s global citizenship goals