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change happiness impact peace

Just ONE!

Do1Give Day can change the world in Just ONE day!

Do1Give Day was created in 2017 in partnership with youth leaders. Our youth wanted to be the drivers of this initiative to engage and empower all people to create positive change in the world. Thanks to your participation and commitment, Do1Give Day has become a global giving day, spreading a powerful message of giving and generosity around the world. Every small act of giving counts, and we spread it with the power of social media. Will you join us?

Big Impact Goal 2024


small acts of


Increase In Happiness



Join now for Do1Give Day April 25, 2024!

Do1Give Day Free Resources

Schools & classrooms

It’s simple and easy for every classroom to join!

Youth leadership clubs

Youth leaders, this is your chance to get volunteer hours!


Parents, this day makes giving possible right at home!


In just ONE day you can make a lasting impact.

impact to date:

216,000 gives
726,000 lives enriched

What people are saying about Do1Give Day

“It was amazing! My kids loved it, their parents loved it, the people who got our 365gives loved it! I'm very happy with our work​.”
Giselle: Teacher, Brazil
“The kids expressed how satisfied they felt about helping the community and how they are proud of themselves.”
Teacher, India
“The students and staff loved Do1Give Day. The event was very successful.”​
Principal, Vancouver, Canada
“It’s wonderful to see the effect that your Do1Give Day efforts have had on our school district.”​
School superintendent, Vancouver, Canada

increases global
happiness and well-being
, every year!

The latest research confirms that giving increases physical health, mental health, and well-being. Each small act of giving to people, animals, or the planet will grow those giving muscles, making you mentally stronger, physically healthier, and happier every day.


We are grateful for the people and organizations that support our work.

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