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Happy Father’s Day – Daily Gives Dad’s will Love

Happy, Happy Father’s Day. If you are not familiar with the story of 365give, I have to say that my dad inspired my first daily giving back in 2010. He taught me to be kind, to give back, to be helpful and to volunteer. My son Nic and I found 365give but my dad was the entire inspiration for our daily giving habit! Yeah Pops! Thank you! You are the best and I am so very thankful you started the giving habit when I was young.

I mention how my dad did this on our 2017 Tedx Talk. Listen to the story if you have not already, and see how small gestures can make a world of difference. On April 19, 2018, 10,000 daily gives were completed worldwide, an event that continues to bring a smile to my face.

So what can you do today for your daily give? Give to your dad! Put one of these giving ideas on your daily giving list and see how it makes both of you feel!

Giving Ideas for Father’s Day

1. Write notes of inspiration around the house specifically for your dad. Put them on his bathroom mirror, in his car, in his lunch bag or briefcase. You’ll know what will inspire your dad, just go ahead and make them!
2. Write a letter telling your dad everything you are grateful for. List things he has done for you that make you grateful. Did he teach you a new skill, did he teach you to ride a bike? Does he go to work everyday so you can have all the things you need on a daily basis? Does he read you stories, or come to your sporting events? Dad do lots of great things, so a letter of gratitude is easy.
3. Shine his shoes, iron his work shirt, clean his uniform. How ever your dad goes to work, take one step out of the process for him. Leave a little note telling him you wanted to make his day a little bit easier.
4. Do one of his chores around the house. Does he wash the dishes, take out the garbage, mow the lawn, sweep the outside, wash the car? If the job is a big one, offer some help.
5. Make his favorite dessert or favorite meal. Food brings joy and when someone’s favorite meal, that says a lot.
6. Ask him to go for a walk or bike ride with you.
7. Tell him you love him and give him a great big smile.
8. Give him some quiet time. Working all day is hard, and sometimes a little quiet time can make a huge difference.

Dad’s are precious and dedicating your daily give today to him will mean the world. We are great at making daily gives to strangers, the planet and animals, all great things to do, but our family and dad’s are important too!

To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!

What people are saying about 365give

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the teaching you provided today. Your message was delivered eloquently, compassionately, and without judgment. The kids were engaged, and now have knowledge with which they can change the world. We all appreciated how you took the time to help us learn to build positive mindsets and practice happiness.”
Shelley Gardner, Grade 6 Ridgeview Elementary (West Vancouver)
“Actions really do speak louder than words, which is why I believe the 365give Challenge has resonated throughout my community. Every give we do is so important to us and leaves us happier and appreciating our lives a little bit more than before.”
Mahina Niyozova (Tajikistan)
“After watching the 365give TEDx Talk, I was inspired to join and begin a daily giving program in India. Today, along with 12 other volunteer women, we provide 100 meals to local underprivileged children in Bangalore for school every day.”
Deepika Ahuja, Mom (Bangalore, India)
“My life has greater meaning now.”
Renate Jorge, @BeKindBrazil and 365give Member, Family Program (Brazil)
“I just wanted to share that 365give really helped me. I am a better person now, thank you.”
MayLee, 365give Member, Individual Program
“This 365give Challenge has really injected excitement and extra enthusiasm in each work day as I think about what we can do. It has motivated me and the students.”
Cristina Peters, School Counselor (New York City, USA)
“I have seen a huge shift in energy throughout my classroom since doing the 365give Challenge. The Challenge has empowered my students to make a positive difference in the school’s community and beyond.”
Cella Adriana, Special Needs Educator /The Holliswood School (New York City, USA)
“The 365give Challenge helps students understand their impact on others. It opens avenues for introducing and discussing global and local issues in classrooms. It is powerful to watch students of all ages think about how they can make a change in another person’s life with one small act.”
Jessica Hall, Primary Teacher, French Immersion at École Pauline Johnson (West Vancouver, Canada)