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Giving Quotes – Why Giving Matters And Makes the World Happier

These giving quotes just might give you the inspiration you need today. We know that giving feels good. We know our bodies have a positive physiological response when we give and help others. We know it makes it us happy.

But have you ever wondered why? The positive emotions, reduction of stress and increased sense of belonging that we experience when we give prove that giving, kindness and compassion are traits true to human nature. It is as though we are being rewarded for our efforts to take care of one another and being encouraged to continue this behaviour. We are givers by design and that makes a lot of sense.

When we look at other species that we share this planet with, we can see that caring for the group is far more important than of the individual. The same is true for us – humans. For one another to thrive we take care of each other as often as we can. All signs point to humans being naturally nurturing, loving and kind beings. When we give we feel happier, When we give we make a positive impact on someone else’s life. This is the win/win of giving!

Giving Inspires More Giving – Giving Quotes Help Us Remain Inspired

One small give can mean the world to one person. The best part is that when we give it inspires others to do the same. This means that what may seem like one small action has the potential to multiply into thousands more. This is why giving matters. When we give we are demonstrating the love, empathy, and compassion necessary to create a better world. How amazing is it to know that we all have the power to make this happen?

The bottom line is no act of giving, however small, is ever wasted. The more we give the better we feel, the more others will give, and the more positive change will happen in our lives, our communities and around the world. It all starts with a choice to “be the change” we wish to see in the world. There is power in giving, power to help, power to heal and power to create change. This is why giving matters.

The Power of the Pen – Giving Quotes to Inspire

Witnessing people being kind, generous and giving will surely motivate others to do the same, however, words can also be very inspiring and motivational when it comes to giving. Here are a few insightful and uplifting quotes about giving that remind us all why we give and why it matters:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Giving is not just about make a donation, it’s about making a difference”- Kathy Calvin

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what you give” – Winston Churchill

“Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege” – John D. Rockfeller Jr.

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” ―Maya Angelou

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What people are saying about 365give

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the teaching you provided today. Your message was delivered eloquently, compassionately, and without judgment. The kids were engaged, and now have knowledge with which they can change the world. We all appreciated how you took the time to help us learn to build positive mindsets and practice happiness.”
Shelley Gardner, Grade 6 Ridgeview Elementary (West Vancouver)
“Actions really do speak louder than words, which is why I believe the 365give Challenge has resonated throughout my community. Every give we do is so important to us and leaves us happier and appreciating our lives a little bit more than before.”
Mahina Niyozova (Tajikistan)
“After watching the 365give TEDx Talk, I was inspired to join and begin a daily giving program in India. Today, along with 12 other volunteer women, we provide 100 meals to local underprivileged children in Bangalore for school every day.”
Deepika Ahuja, Mom (Bangalore, India)
“My life has greater meaning now.”
Renate Jorge, @BeKindBrazil and 365give Member, Family Program (Brazil)
“I just wanted to share that 365give really helped me. I am a better person now, thank you.”
MayLee, 365give Member, Individual Program
“This 365give Challenge has really injected excitement and extra enthusiasm in each work day as I think about what we can do. It has motivated me and the students.”
Cristina Peters, School Counselor (New York City, USA)
“I have seen a huge shift in energy throughout my classroom since doing the 365give Challenge. The Challenge has empowered my students to make a positive difference in the school’s community and beyond.”
Cella Adriana, Special Needs Educator /The Holliswood School (New York City, USA)
“The 365give Challenge helps students understand their impact on others. It opens avenues for introducing and discussing global and local issues in classrooms. It is powerful to watch students of all ages think about how they can make a change in another person’s life with one small act.”
Jessica Hall, Primary Teacher, French Immersion at École Pauline Johnson (West Vancouver, Canada)