I beleive it is the the next generation that will make a huge positive impact on our planet. Children are being taught at home and in school from an early age how they can treat the planet with respect and kindness. I personally started teaching my son at the age of 2 and now at the age of 4 he can tell you 10 ways to help protect our earth and practices them in his daily life.

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to get the next generation involved with their Top 12 Ways to save the planet every day. The children of the world can teach us wonderful things if we take the time to listen.

Top 12 Way To Help the Planet by the elementary children of Eagle Habour Montessori School.

  1. Re-use materials as much as possible.
  2. Don’t waste food. Don’t buy so many groceries.
  3. Stop littering to protect the environment- oceans, plants, animals.
  4. Stop polluting.
  5. Conserve water-turn taps off/use less water/don’t have so many baths.
  6. Save electricity- turn off tvs/computers/lights
  7. Take care of plants and animals-limit trees chopped down and use both sides of the paper!
  8. Don’t need so many toys! Make our own toys.
  9. Don’t make so many plastic bag factories.  If you drop plastic bags in the ocean, turtles might think they’re jellyfish and eat them.
  10. Use cars less. Walk instead of driving.
  11. Re-use ziplock bags.
  12. Don’t make so many factories.
Earth Day isn’t about saving the planet just one day out of the year. It’s doing our part every day and giving back to our world so it is a safe and healthy place for our children and the generations of children to come to live. 
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