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Our students and teachers have shared their best daily gives that were used in the classrooms and communities. Use these successes to inspire your daily give of the day, or let the success of these student gives trigger a useful community or personal give today. 365give makes giving easy with small, meaningful acts. Learn from others and complete your give today.

Daily Gives Completed by Elementary Students

  • Local Beach/Park Garbage Clean Up
  • Low-impact Day: Living without electricity for a day in class and encouraging the rest of the school to do the same.
  • Volunteer School Ground Clean Up
  • Animal Awareness videos created to support wildlife and endangered species.
  • Healthy biscuit made for dogs in need and donated to your local rescue shelter.
  • Fundraising: Students do jobs around the house to raise money for their favourite local charity
  • Meat Free Day: Support the environment and animal rights!
  • Make cookies and deliver them as a special thank you to your local Fire Hall or Police Station.
  • Fundraising Event: Popcorn and school supplies sale for a favourite charity.
  • Cards for Seniors:  Students prepared handmade cards and delivered them to the local Senior Centre.
  • Laughter Class: Students entertain seniors with a class filled with laughter.
  • Freerice Game: Students donat food by answering trivia questions online.
  • Bake Sale: Students raise funds for their favourite charity with an always popular bake sale.
  • Handmade Bird feeders for wildlife in the winter.
  • Notes of Gratitude for support staff and volunteer parents at the school.
  • Daily Give Goes Home: Help parents at home with chores as a volunteer.
  • Grow A Garden: Students plant seeds in class to grow their own food.
  • Book Swap: Students bring a book and swap with other students

Suggested Gives That Benefit the Environment

  • Turn off the lights when leaving a room or sit in class with no lights for one day.
  • Pick up garbage in the schoolyard, around the neighbourhood and/or in the park.
  • Use both sides of the paper to draw or write.
  • Unplug electronic appliances when not in use (at home and in classroom).
  • Make toys or games from items found around the house and classroom.
  • Walk don’t drive to school – track how much carbon footprint you save.
  • Reuse toilet paper rolls as plant pots for new seeds for a garden. Eco Friendly Kids will supply you with great ideas to support the environment every day.
  • Recycle – save juice boxes and other recyclable materials and take them to the recycling depot at the end of the week. Collect the money you get from the depot and donate it to charity.
  • Find 10 items in the school ground and create an eco-friendly art project.
  • Be Straw Free! Collect any straws you use at home or at school. Reuse them at school for a math (learning to count), science or art project.
  • Calculate your Carbon Footprint and discover ways you can help the environment by reducing your footprint. Visit http://www.davidsuzuki.org for other great ideas to help the environment.

Suggested Gives That Benefit Animals and Other Living Creatures

  • Collect food, treats and blankets for a local animal shelter. Have a volunteer parent and a few students from the class deliver the items to the shelter.
  • Have a fundraising event or visit the Vancouver Aquarium and support ocean education and rescue.
  • Go to Click to Give and just “click to give” to support animals in need. See how many bowls of food have been donated Animal Rescue Site.
  • Search Care2and discover how your click can support animals globally.
  • Become an animal activist and use your voice to create change. Make a video, right a letter to share with your community, sign a petition about an animal cause you believe in. The Blackfish site lists many ways you can take action to help organizations protect animals around the world.

Suggested Gives That Benefit Each Other

  • Write a note to a classmate telling them how great they are and how they are making the world a better place. Leave it on their desk as a surprise.
  • Spend one day saying only positive things to kids at school. See what a difference it makes when you are nice all the time.
  • Hold the door open for another person every chance you get.
  • Smile at every person you pass today.
  • Help someone carry a package that is heavy or if they have their hands full and need help.
  • Give back to your body! Choose a day to eat only healthy fresh food (no candy, no pop, no processed or package food). Your body will be happy for giving it good nourishment.
  • Give thanks. Write a thank you note to someone special in your life for no reason other than you appreciate them for who they are and what they do.
  • Collect gently used socks in the classroom and donate them to a local homeless shelter.
  • Give at home. Choose one way you can help your parents, caregiver or a sibling without them asking. Volunteering your time at home is a great way to start your daily gives.
  • Help thy neighbour. Offer to cut their grass, sweep their walkway or help them take out the trash. Find one nice way to help someone in your neighbourhood.
  • Not every school has a library full of books. With your teacher, research a school that could use some new books and hold a book drive. Everyone in the class and/or the school brings one or more gently used book to donate to another school.
  • Hold a garage sale at school for used toys. Each student donates a gently used toy they no longer want. Donate the money raised to a charity your class chooses.
  • Lemonade for Good: Have a lemonade stand at school over 2 days (during the lunch break or recess). Make flyers and posters to promote it and make your lemonade. Students can take turns volunteering at the stand and the money raised can be donated to the charity of your choice.
  • Help another classmate with a school project or homework they are having a difficult time completing.
  • Ask a student that is eating or playing alone to join you.
  • Research charities as a class and find one you all like. Discover what they are all about and how they change the world. Create a collage board with drawings and cutouts that expresses what the charity does. Find one thing you can do to help their cause.
  • Volunteer: Discuss volunteering in your class. Find one thing you can         do as a class or individually that would be volunteering.



  1. Wouldn’t it cool to provide a service where folks can sign up for a daily give text message? This would help adults (or those w/ cell phones) get a reminder of a simple daily give. Let’s face it, we need all the reminders we can get!

  2. O saw your program in the internet and i interested on it .so i want to do same thing in my own home town.how can i start .what should i do? What can you offer to me? Your idea is great idea and i think to make ıt happen in my own hometown.

    • Hi Sadeg. Thank you for taking the time to reach out! We would love for you to start something in your community. Please email us at changetheworld@365give.ca. Look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to watch!

    • One thing you can do easily is that make somebody happy at your home by solving their problem or by making some improvement kn their routine. You can help somebody in your hometown by teaching any skill to a needy person or to any of your friend who lacks in anything anyway. Or simply, when you go out keep smile on your face, talk politely etc

      • Great ideas Sadeg. We will add them to our new daily giving list we are creating! Just smiling at people is a big one. It acknowledges them in a simple way and smiles are contagious! Imagine if we all smiled at the same moment for just one day! Keep them coming love all your daily giving ideas! Thank you!

  3. I made my mom happy by connecting her to my cousin sister after 6 months.

  4. Hi Jacqueline..such a wonderful initiative..!!
    Today’s children are the future of tomorrow and if we teach them giving and sharing concepts from the beginning then the world would be a wonderful place to live in . I will start this from today itself . Sometimes smiling at a stranger who is going through tough time means a lot to them . You are doing great .

    • Thank you so much Palak. I so appreciate you watching and taking the time to come to our site and comment. I so agree with you. The children are our future ad they are the ones that can create the peace. We have kids that for their daily give in school do exactly that – make smiling at everyone they see their give. Thank you for the encouragement and support. We so appreciate it.

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  6. Awesome Blog. Very much enjoyed reading.

  7. I watched your talk on you tube and was really inspired. What a wonderful idea to get children thinking about kindness in such a cruel and selfish world!! I encouraged my 8 year old niece and 11 year old nefew to give something starting at home. My nefew gave me his notebook as he found out I was about to go and get one from town. My niece gave her pocket money to her brother. I myself brought some crockery for my mum!! The children have now decided that on their next day off school they will buy lunch for the homeless people around town. I have again reminded them this morning to give something to someone at school and I can’t wait to know what they will get up to today.

  8. Thank you for sharing your good thought with the world.. Such an inspiring action..

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