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The Best Advent Calendars for 2022 to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive

Are you looking for a fun and festive way to mark the run up to the holiday season? Look through our recommendations for the Best Advent Calendars for 2022 to keep the holiday spirit alive!

This December, feed your children love and compassion through our selection of the Best Advent Calendars for 2022 to keep the holiday spirit alive. Help your children cultivate a positive mind and spread kindness across the globe! Advent calendars create fun and provide inspiration. Something about the thought of little boxes, bags, or drawers that open to reveal a surprise each morning transports me back to my childhood recollections of looking forward to the Christmas season and now you can enjoy that time too with some of these world changing suggestions.

Advent Calendars to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive

24 Good Deeds Advent Calendar

Spending your money on something less materialistic and more compassionate. You may give yourself or someone else the gift of kindness with the 24 Good Deeds advent calendar. A basic, tree-shaped advent calendar with 24 panes — one for each day leading up to Christmas — is available for a donation of starting at $24 CAD. Behind each window, you’ll discover how your gift will assist support programs in environmental and nature protection, health, education, and nutrition that are being executed on the ground by humanitarian groups all around the globe — all of which have been vetted and trusted by 24 Good Deeds. A digital version is also available.

Mindmade The Advent Calendar of Kindness

If you and your children still like opening the small flaps on advent calendars, this is the one for you. Every day, there are two acts of kindness to try with your family. Some ideas are more suited for older children, while others are suitable for younger ones.

365 Give Reverse Advent Calendar

365give includes ideas to give to people, animals, and the planet. Your calendar will be full of ideas over the next 24 or 31 days if you want to continue through the entire month of December. Our free Reverse Advent Calendars make giving and generosity simple and easy and spread love and happiness every day. Choose from our Reverse Advent Calendars for simple daily giving alternatives. Use your own ideas or all of ours. It is all up to you. Have fun giving this month!

Sharing Kindness Advent Calendar

This is another lovely (and I mean really lovely) advent calendar. The pictures are charming, and each lift-the-flap portion provides a fresh opportunity to be kind. There is a winter alternative (for those who live in the northern hemisphere) as well as a beach option (for those in the southern hemisphere). They’ve also included a New York City-themed calendar this year. It’s really cute, plus it contains stickers and activities that are incredibly important.

My Kindness Advent Calendar

The Christmas season might be busier than most of us would want. For many years, I’ve wanted to make my own acts of kindness advent calendar, but daily activities and other demands on time have kept me from doing so. That’s why I was overjoyed to discover this high-quality kindness advent calendar, which is currently available. The greatest thing is, it’s reusable! It’s built of long-lasting materials that will last for years.

Flurry of Kindness

This is a book as well as an activity in one. There is a recommended kindness action for each day of Advent (like providing food for winter birds or donating socks to a homeless shelter). In addition, each page has a distinctive snowflake pattern to cut and fold. The book itself transforms into a shower of snowflakes. What an amazing concept!

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

If you like receiving mail or opening envelopes, this advent calendar will be a hit for you and your family. It comes with envelopes, kindness cards, and stickers. These might be strung on a thread, hidden in a mailbox, or distributed around the home.

DIY Eco-Friendly Advent Calendars

If you are the more creative sort and want to minimize your family’s expenses even more, a handcrafted calendar may be the way to go. There are several fantastic, handcrafted advent calendar ideas available. Here are a couple of my personal favourites:

  • Natural Beach Living’s Christmas book advent calendar may be built using new or secondhand books.
  • Mama’s Kram offers a beautifully festive reusable toilet paper roll calendar.
  • This DIY shoe organizer advent calendar from The Pretty Girl’s Life is brilliant.
  • The Whistle and Ivy calendar are not only lovely to hang on a tree or wall, but the kids will appreciate that it still incorporates a beloved advent tradition—candy! Bethany, the author, gives everything you need, including downloadable cards, labels, and even a list of kindness ideas.
  • Comeback Momma has a fantastic, basic printable kindness calendar for the minimalist families among us. Simply print the pre-made calendar or use the blank version to record your own activities. The idea is simple, yet effective, creating a spirit of generosity and compassion over the Christmas season.

Advent Calendar Fillers That Are Eco-Friendly

What would you put in your eco-friendly advent calendar now that you have one? With these creative eco-friendly advent calendar inserts, I’ve got you covered. To begin, what qualifies anything as an eco-friendly advent filler? We are searching for goods that are ideally not made of plastic, have a function, are not immediately disposable, and are affordable. The resources may be used by children to create Christmas cards or art to distribute.

  • Baking materials – Make sure you have something to utilize in the kitchen every day. Consider your favorite recipe, cookie cutters, candy sprinkles, a whisk, or a scraper. Again, the children can prepare cookies using these utensils. You can share this food with orphans or underprivileged kids.
  • Nature Decorations – Fill each day with natural materials to produce ornaments. For example, pine cones, acorns, sticks, cinnamon sticks, and ribbons. These natural resources may be utilized to build tree decorations.
  • Pom Poms – I love pom poms! They may be converted into a variety of beautiful crafts. For example, a garland for the tree or a wreath for the door. Fill the advent calendar with pom poms and start making.
  • Candy/chocolate – A calendar loaded with chocolates is unbeatable. You may choose fair trade chocolates, vegan chocolates, or chocolate made at home if you can source your own sweets and chocolates.
  • Christmas Play Dough – Make a batch of Christmas-themed play dough and fill the days with handmade play dough and play equipment.
  • A mix of all of these ideas – Imagine how much fun you could have with an eco advent calendar loaded with all of these activities!

However you choose to mark the holiday season, using an advent calendar can add to your fun and festivities and will help keep the holiday spirit alive!

For more ideas on giving, visit 365give today!

Happy Holidays!

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