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Spark More Joy and Giving Around the World By Cleaning Your Closet

An easy give is the act of sharing. Why not clean your closet to spark more joy and giving while making yourself and the world a happier place. Going through some of your things, deciding what you no longer need and sharing them with others. The cost of this give is only your time, but the reward is so much greater.

Spark More Joy And Giving By Tidying Up

Marie Kondo has become the queen of “tidying up”. Her bestselling books, tv shows and various media appearances are all based on the idea of sparking joy. Instead of looking at your items and deciding what to throw out, she suggests we look at our belonging for what to keep. The idea is that you look at all your items, such as your t-shirts, and choose the ones that “spark more joy”, the ones that make you happy. Keep these items and dispose of the rest. Instead of looking at it as getting rid of stuff, look at it as helping others by sharing your belonging with someone who may need it. An easy give.

6 Simple Steps to Spark More Joy and Start Your Giving

I know tidying up, cleaning out, and sorting through the seemingly endless piles of “stuff” that we all accumulate can seem like an overwhelming project, but the key is to start small. Follow these simple steps recommended by Marie Kondo:

  1. Choose one shelf, one drawer, one item (t-shirts, shoes, hats or bags for example) and put them all in a pile.
  2. Look at each item and decide if it “sparks joy”
  3. Ask yourself if you still need this item or if you could let it go
  4. If it doesn’t spark joy – put it in the donation pile to give away
  5. If it still makes you happy, then keep it
  6. Before you discard it, say thank you

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able tackle another drawer, another shelf and eventually your closet. The act of cleaning out, creating space, and sharing your items with others will bring you a sense of accomplishment and is sure to spark more joy.

Turn Your Tidying Up Into Giving Around the World

Look for local charities in your area that can use your discarded belongings. Some charities re-sell your items and some give them directly to those in need. Choose how you want your items to be used and find a charity that will match it. You can choose a charity that you want to help raise money and donate your items there. When they sell your items, someone will get a great deal on something they need and the money goes straight to the charity. A win-win as you spark more joy and give at the same time. When deciding where to give your items, think of these three types of charities:

  1. Charities that Benefit People – Salvation Army, diabetes, cancer survivors, people re-entering the workforce, women’s shelters, homeless shelters and refugee agencies. We also love Big Brothers and Sisters for children’s and young adult clothing.
  2. Charities that Benefit Animals – Local animal shelters always need blankets and towels
  3. Charities that Benefit the Environment – Re-using any of your items will help the environment by diverting things from the landfill.

Enjoy your clean space knowing that you have not only sparked joy but created new “gives” that contribute to global change and making the world a happier place.

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Shelley Gardner, Grade 6 Ridgeview Elementary (West Vancouver)
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