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Featured 365give Volunteer – Patty Aldrich on the Why of Volunteering

We feel blessed at 365give and love that we have an army of volunteers that help us share our mission. Without them, we would struggle to share the importance of giving every day, one give at a time. They know the why of volunteering as they do it themselves so what better people to chat with about the why of volunteering.

Our volunteers practice what they preach, and we can not thank them enough. Over the next few months we will be featuring the generous people who work with us to spread the happiness of giving every day. Patty Aldrich is one of our volunteer writers for the 365give blog. Her dedication to writing about giving is shared through her giving ideas, family giving options, personal antidotes that shows how giving makes her happy, and the reasons why she gives. Her ‘Why Of Volunteering’ is inspirational and a great lesson for all of us. These articles are shared with our members and regular readers. She is an inspiration and we are so grateful to have her as a member of our writing team. She joins five others who share similar stories that keep all of us inspired, on track, and full of daily giving ideas.

365give Volunteer Spotlight – Patty Aldrich

Patty is a dedicated wife, mother of two, pet parent and full time employee. She has submitted over 15 blog posts this year on the 365give website. Her mantra ‘Create the change we want to see in the world through your daily interaction with people, the planet and animals’ is what keeps her giving every day. She continues to witness the power of giving with her family and at her work. 365give is near and dear to her heart and loves sharing giving stories and ideas with you! It is what makes her happy!

Recently we had a virtual interview with Patty to find out why she volunteers. Her story is a great one to share, and we are so happy she shared with all of us.

Recently we had a virtual interview with Patty to find out why she volunteers. Her story is a great one to share, and we are so happy she shared with all of us.

  1. How did you become interested in 365give? I had been looking for something that I can do that makes a difference in the world. As a mom with a full time job, I have time but not a lot of time. I decided to look for a virtual volunteer position where I could make my own hours and volunteer from home. I went to to find a virtual volunteer opportunity and there it was, a posting for a blog writer with an organization that was changing the world…I was sold right away. The mission for 365give matched what I believed to be important – doing small things that make the world a better, happier place. I applied and was given this amazing opportunity that has literally changed my life. I am so excited to write for the 365give blog. It lifts my spirits and makes my heart do a happy dance!
  2.  Why did you want to volunteer at 365give? As I stated above, I want to be the change that I wish to see in the world. My passion in life is to help others and make a difference in people’s lives and the world. I love to see people happy and sharing in the joys of life. I want to make the world a better place, one small step at a time. I love to write, share stories, and inspire people around me. 365give has a global reach so I could affect people globally, not just those around me.
  3.  What have been your greatest rewards while volunteering at 365give? My greatest rewards while volunteering at 365give would be sharing in and being a part of, the positive impact the organization has on the world. Their programs are simple – give something small every day and you will make yourself and others happier. This happiness is what changes the world, one give at a time. There are sooooo many different ways that people can give to their community, to their country, to the world that helps people, the planet or animals. I know kindness, compassion and awareness are so important in this world but Jacqueline has shown me how truly important it is. I feel that I have grown through this volunteer work into a more a more compassionate, caring and kind person. I now look for different ways that I can give daily and encouraged my sons and husband to do the same. We go out and do things to make the world a better place as a family, more so than we did before. It’s made us hyper aware of the things that we can do to positively impact society and it doesn’t have to be monetary!
  4.  Have you volunteered at other organizations? If so where? Yes, I love to volunteer. I have volunteered on and off at the local food bank, the Sunshine Foundation, the Ronald McDonald house, community events and local soup kitchens. I volunteer regularly at my church and always help with Christmas hampers during the holidays. All of these volunteer opportunities were bases on my availability. My virtual volunteer position at 365give lets me continue my commitment with no worries about dates and schedules.
  5. What is your most inspiring give? I believe that all gives are inspiring no matter how big or small. But I would say that giving to the homeless (ie. helping out at a soup kitchen, helping with Christmas hampers, etc) would have to be something that truly warms my heart. Helping people touches me in a way that I cannot describe. There is so much need out there and so many people living in situations that make daily living a hard. It takes little for me to provide someone with a meal, some warm clothing, or just a hug and a smile. To see the smile reciprocated means the world to me and touches me deeply. If I can be the light in somone’s life, if only for a ew minutes, that brings me joy and happiness.

Volunteers Are The Why Of Volunteering

365give is so grateful for all the volunteers that help us bring change to the world, one give, one day at a time. Our Board of Directors, volunteer writers and DO1Give Day volunteers lets us bring happiness to the world. Thank you for your dedication and thank you for knowing that giving matters!

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What people are saying about 365give

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the teaching you provided today. Your message was delivered eloquently, compassionately, and without judgment. The kids were engaged, and now have knowledge with which they can change the world. We all appreciated how you took the time to help us learn to build positive mindsets and practice happiness.”
Shelley Gardner, Grade 6 Ridgeview Elementary (West Vancouver)
“Actions really do speak louder than words, which is why I believe the 365give Challenge has resonated throughout my community. Every give we do is so important to us and leaves us happier and appreciating our lives a little bit more than before.”
Mahina Niyozova (Tajikistan)
“After watching the 365give TEDx Talk, I was inspired to join and begin a daily giving program in India. Today, along with 12 other volunteer women, we provide 100 meals to local underprivileged children in Bangalore for school every day.”
Deepika Ahuja, Mom (Bangalore, India)
“My life has greater meaning now.”
Renate Jorge, @BeKindBrazil and 365give Member, Family Program (Brazil)
“I just wanted to share that 365give really helped me. I am a better person now, thank you.”
MayLee, 365give Member, Individual Program
“This 365give Challenge has really injected excitement and extra enthusiasm in each work day as I think about what we can do. It has motivated me and the students.”
Cristina Peters, School Counselor (New York City, USA)
“I have seen a huge shift in energy throughout my classroom since doing the 365give Challenge. The Challenge has empowered my students to make a positive difference in the school’s community and beyond.”
Cella Adriana, Special Needs Educator /The Holliswood School (New York City, USA)
“The 365give Challenge helps students understand their impact on others. It opens avenues for introducing and discussing global and local issues in classrooms. It is powerful to watch students of all ages think about how they can make a change in another person’s life with one small act.”
Jessica Hall, Primary Teacher, French Immersion at École Pauline Johnson (West Vancouver, Canada)