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Chocolate Giving Ideas – A Match Made in Heaven

Chocolate giving ideas, now you are talking!

Let me start by asking? Who doesn’t like chocolate? Believe it or not, I do know of maybe one or two people who don’t like the delicious stuff. Ask me how they can possibly not like it? I ask myself that same question. For me, chocolate just makes everything better, but that’s just me!
Believe it or not, chocolate can also be something that helps you to give back to your community, to a friend, to a charity that is near and dear to your heart. There are many ways that chocolate can be a “’give back” to someone or a cause.

Chocolate Giving Ideas #1 – A Great Gift Any Time Of The Year!

The most obvious way that we can use chocolate to give is as a gift. Valentine’s Day and Easter are the 2 main seasons of the year that come to mind when I think about when I give chocolate to others. Personally, I love receiving chocolate any day of the year, anytime of the day or night but I usually tend to hand out most of the chocolate gifts I give to others at either of these 2 times of the year. That’s not to say that you can’t give chocolate at any other time of the year of course.

Chocolate Giving Ideas #2 – Create Your Own Fundraiser

Another way of using chocolate to give back is by doing a fundraiser for a local charity or a charity that is near and dear to your heart. I know that my children often do chocolate fundraisers for their school or a sports team, but that doesn’t need to be the case. You can raise funds for a children’s charity, or another charity ie. Breast Cancer Society, Alzheimers Society, MS Society, Autism Society – there really are so very many different charities out there that rely on donations and people’s time and fundraising efforts, so do a little research and why not collect some money and sell some chocolates. It’s a win-win – people indulge in the amazing chocolate and you are giving back to a cause that is near and dear to your heart!

Chocolate Giving Ideas #3 – Give It Away With A Gratitude Note

What about buying a whole bunch of chocolate bars and giving them out to random people on the streets? You could even put a little note of inspiration with it (ie. “ You are beautiful!” Or “You Matter!”). Just a little something to put a smile on someone’s face? How awesome would that be to just randomly walk down a street in your city and hand a bar to someone and say: “Have a great day,” with a smile – that person looks at the bar you’ve just handed them and sees a note that says….”You’re awesome!” How do you think that person would feel? They might be a little overwhelmed and taken aback at first, but seriously, what a feeling of pride and happiness and knowing that someone believes in you. To most people, that is an amazing feeling, especially if someone is having a bad day and they feel as though they are worthless, to get a note like that and a chocolate bar on top of that to enjoy all for nothing except for being human and walking in the right place at the right time? That doesn’t happen often, does it? Has something like that ever happened to you?

Chocolate Giving Ideas #4 – Community Services Gives

This next idea is kind of along the same lines of giving back to a charity but in a different way than fundraising. You could set up a booth at a festival in the park or at a fair, or an outdoor event, even at a flea market or a craft show and sale with all proceeds going back into the community. Whatever you make at the event goes back to the community for rebuilding their parks, or supporting volunteer firefighters, maintaining the town’s community centre, whatever is most important in your community at that time. It’s a great feeling to give back by donating all proceeds to a cause that is part of where you live. Right? Oh what a feeling it would be!

Chocolate Giving Ideas #5 – The Universal Language of Friendship

Chocolate is pretty much everyone’s friend! Whether you’re young or young-at-heart, everyone likes a piece, or two, of chocolate. Why not make a difference in someone’s life by giving back with some chocolate? After all, it is the universal language of friendship! Or at least it is in my books. Anyone that gives me chocolate is a friend for life. And that’s no joke!

What are you going to do to make a difference in the world or your community or even in your personal life or workplace to give back with chocolate? Share your chocolate giving ideas with us and the 365give community below this article in the comments section. Your idea could inspire someone else and help them change the world too!If you want to show your impact, sign up for a 365give membership and start logging your daily gives!

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