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Get Rid of the January Blues with This Giving Strategy

Do you have a giving strategy? We do and we have found that giving every day makes you happier. Yup, happier. The winter months can be some of the toughest months for some people, especially when you live in a climate that can be VERY cold like Canada! I have the honour and privilege of living through -20c and -30c degree weather in the heart of winter, but you know what? It’s not all that bad, it could be worse!

I personally am not crazy about the winter months, but I can do fun and interesting things to keep me motivated and full of passion and excitement throughout the winter. When the winter blues strike, I give! There are so many wonderful ways to give back and it doesn’t cost anything or much at all. It doesn’t have to consist of going on a trip to a warm place, although that does sound pretty nice right about now!

Giving Ideas That Stop The January Blues – Start Your Giving Strategy

  • Make someone smile – this could be as simple as passing someone on the street and smiling at them. You can even say hello. This is a beautiful gesture and you will get a smile back! Next time you’re out, smile and say hello to someone you know or don’t know. You will make their day.
  • Give someone a hug. It could be someone you know or maybe someone you see that is having a bad day at your workplace, at home, or at a friend’s house. Sometimes a hug is all someone needs. Show someone they are loved and that someone does care.
  • Share your old winter coats, boots, hats, scarves and mittens – if you have any old winter clothing hanging around the house that is just taking up space or that no one is using, why not take it to a shelter, or a mission services home like the Salvation Army. Getting rid of extra things in your house lowers your personal anxiety  while helping those in need in. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.
  • Buy a coffee for someone – this is a very simple gesture yet one that I don’t think happens very often. The next time you’re in the coffee shop or drive-thru think about buying the person behind you their coffee or tea. It really does make a difference. I try to do this once a week and the feeling I get from doing this one little gesture, changes the outlook of my whole day. Never mind how happy and surprised it makes the person you bought for feel. It’s a wonderful and simple gesture to quickly get rid of the January blues!
  • Help out at a soup kitchen – this time of year is a super difficult time for people who are homeless or unemployed. There are so many less fortunate people who need a helping hand, and a warm, home cooked meal, it means the world. Why not, in your spare time, help out at a soup kitchen? You can help serve food, or set tables, clean tables, or do whatever it is that the organizers need help with. You will feel good about what you are doing and helping to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Bake a dessert and deliver to neighbours, friends or family members – this is a fun thing to do and even more fun when you have children. Bake cookies together and drop off a dozen to people you may know – neighbours, friends or family members. It’s a nice surprise to get some baked goods without expecting them.
  • If you are an animal lover, go volunteer at a shelter – go and visit an animal shelter and spend some time with the animals.Give them your undivided attention and love. Animals are just like humans. They too have feelings and know when there is no one to play with or hug them or pet them. They can sense loneliness. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon or a weekday evening than with some dogs, cats or bunnies. – it’s a wonderful opportunity and warms your heart as well.


 You might think that getting rid of the January blues is impossible. From experience I can say, the January blues will go away once you start a giving strategy. I give every day and my January blues, even in the cold of Canada do go away.  As I read over these ideas, I can’t help but feel my heart warm and a sense of happiness and positivity flows through me. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Just do something and you will make yourself and others feel better this time of year. You will feel better and you will make others feel good as well. You are not only getting yourself out of the winter blues but you are spreading happiness to someone or some people .  Now go rid yourself of the January blues and have some fun in the meantime!

Share your ideas on how you get rid of the January blues by giving. Sign up for a membership at 365give and start sharing your January giving strategy.



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“I wanted to express my gratitude for the teaching you provided today. Your message was delivered eloquently, compassionately, and without judgment. The kids were engaged, and now have knowledge with which they can change the world. We all appreciated how you took the time to help us learn to build positive mindsets and practice happiness.”
Shelley Gardner, Grade 6 Ridgeview Elementary (West Vancouver)
“Actions really do speak louder than words, which is why I believe the 365give Challenge has resonated throughout my community. Every give we do is so important to us and leaves us happier and appreciating our lives a little bit more than before.”
Mahina Niyozova (Tajikistan)
“After watching the 365give TEDx Talk, I was inspired to join and begin a daily giving program in India. Today, along with 12 other volunteer women, we provide 100 meals to local underprivileged children in Bangalore for school every day.”
Deepika Ahuja, Mom (Bangalore, India)
“My life has greater meaning now.”
Renate Jorge, @BeKindBrazil and 365give Member, Family Program (Brazil)
“I just wanted to share that 365give really helped me. I am a better person now, thank you.”
MayLee, 365give Member, Individual Program
“This 365give Challenge has really injected excitement and extra enthusiasm in each work day as I think about what we can do. It has motivated me and the students.”
Cristina Peters, School Counselor (New York City, USA)
“I have seen a huge shift in energy throughout my classroom since doing the 365give Challenge. The Challenge has empowered my students to make a positive difference in the school’s community and beyond.”
Cella Adriana, Special Needs Educator /The Holliswood School (New York City, USA)
“The 365give Challenge helps students understand their impact on others. It opens avenues for introducing and discussing global and local issues in classrooms. It is powerful to watch students of all ages think about how they can make a change in another person’s life with one small act.”
Jessica Hall, Primary Teacher, French Immersion at École Pauline Johnson (West Vancouver, Canada)