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Day 220: iMatter March: A Mother’s Day Story

If you haven’t heard of Alec Loorz and his mother Victoria you need to read and watch this now. Alec is a remarkable young person that is changing the world through the iMatter March. But he wouldn’t be able to do it without his Mother. This is a story of a Mother that with unconditional love and support has started a global movement with her son that is changing the world. Alec’s story has been told many times from TED Talks to CNN to Congress, but this story is about a Mothers love that has given her son the encouragement he needed to change the world.  iMatter March is what they have created.

How has your Mother supported you in your life to achieve your goals and dreams?

Day 220: Give 220 guest writer Karen Somers


Where would we be without humanity’s most optimistic cheerleaders?

Mother’s Day honors the people who have, over the course of history, recognized the unique and special aspects of every member of the human race. In our mother’s eyes, when we were born, we were the keys to the universe. The open sesame that could change the world. In most cases, thanks to this quiet confidence, we have grown up and became responsible adult citizens leading a life of quiet contribution instead of the history-making harbingers of change our mothers were convinced we would become.

However, for California mom and parental cheerleader, Victoria Loorz, this motherly conviction has become a day-to-day reality. She is the mom of two wonderful kids, Alec and Olivia.  Alec Loorz has become one of the most famous teen global warming activists on the planet. Their home in Ventura County is ground zero to a youth movement that is changing the face of environmental activism.

Changing the World at the Age of 12

After watching Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” when he was twelve, Alec, with Victoria’s help, created the non-profit organization Kids VS Global Warming to empower youth to lead the green revolution. Alec has become a nationally renowned keynote speaker delivering his own global warming presentation to tens of thousands of kids across North America. His numerous environmental awards have won him a spot as a presenter at the prestigious T.E.D. conference. Alec has addressed Congress, has most recently been featured in People magazine, Time, CNN, CBS Early Show,  USA Today and the New York Times. Alec’s kid driven environmental projects include the creation and installation of beach markers along the California coastline to indicate how high the waterline will be when the glaciers melt. He wrote the “Declaration of Independence From Fossil Fuels”, got thousands of kids to sign and and presented the document to Congress. He has helped to create the California Climate Council for Youth to ensure that kids use their voices and their rights as citizens in the efforts made city to city, country to country, to curb global warming. Alec has recently designed the iMatter iPhone app to unite the efforts of youth activists around the world. It connects kids and their environmental initiatives globally.

A Mother’s Dedication

Did I mention that Alec is now just seventeen years old and that Victoria is a single mom? Just think about the logistics of getting your kid to class on time let alone getting him to the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen as a key note speaker while he is home schooled and preparing for an appearance on CNN? What about schlepping to the hundreds of speaking engagements and meetings necessary to galvanize a generation and give it a voice in the Global Warming fight? As remarkable as Alec is, none of this would have happened if his mother Victoria wasn’t there to support and encourage his efforts. I have worked with Alec and Victoria and have born witness to the incredible courage, unflagging energy and loving encouragement she has shown her uniquely driven son. She seems to know intuitively when to step up and sashay back in the dance that happens everyday in her home as Alec tests his mettle with politicians, international governments, the media, hundreds of environmental organizations and the ever present threat of global warming.

iMatter March: May 8th, 2011

This Mother’s Day marks the biggest event Alec has led. He, Victoria and sister Olivia have organized a global event, the iMatter March to rally youth and empower them to raise their voices and be recognized in the fight against global warming. The iMatter March has organized kids from Bangkok to Bucharest, Kathmandu to Canada, New York to New Delhi and around the world inspiring them to march on their respective town halls and declare that they matter in the fight against global warming.

“Youth have the moral authority and the legal right, as the generation most affected by the climate crisis, to demand that our governments protect the atmosphere for our future.” Alec Loorz

I chatted with Victoria this week. She was excited and exhausted after a very busy year of preparation. I asked her what she was thinking about as Mother’s Day approached and the “iMatter March” was about to launch.

“We hope that this is the beginning of a movement around the world that empowers kids to mobilize. We hope that the “iMatter March” is something kids will look back on as a moment that shifted them from apathy to activist. We hope that the “iMatter March” gives kids a united voice of empowerment that will last a lifetime.” Victoria Loorz

Kids versus the Government: The Lawsuit Begins

Next stop – Alec and the iMatter movement are organizing an international lawsuit – kids versus the government! In tandem with Our Children’s Trust and a coalition of awesome attorneys, youth around the planet are taking their respective governments to court to insist that they act as faithful trustees and put climate recovery plans into place. Victoria will be there every step of the way, lending support, love and raising a cheer as her son leads the next generation in the never ending fight against Global Warming.

Time Commitment Victoria Loorz: A Life Time plus

Karen Somers is a professional photographer and film-maker based in LA. She had the opportunity to meet Victoria, Alec & Olivia while shooting for the World Wild Life Foundation / Ranger Rick Magazine. Karen creates programming for film, TV and online focused on the betterment of humanity.

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Shelley Gardner, Grade 6 Ridgeview Elementary (West Vancouver)
“Actions really do speak louder than words, which is why I believe the 365give Challenge has resonated throughout my community. Every give we do is so important to us and leaves us happier and appreciating our lives a little bit more than before.”
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