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Underwear Drive

My son and I went a picked out underwear for an underwear drive that the local library was hosting. My 4 year old picked out girls underwear, size 4-5t and dornated them today . He is starting to learn the meaning of giving .

Food Drive

I donated canned items.

Gave our driver’s family clothes n wished them

Made our driver’s family gifts like clothes n money as it is festival time

Let my cab driver take an important call in the middle of my ride

I was on my way home and my cab driver was getting a call from someone . Initially I thought it was a scam call which is why she declined it. However, the person kept calling multiple times. She said the call was from her daughter.

Donate to recycle & reuse drive

Vancouver city council holds recycling and donation drive at various locations. They accept all kinds of textiles and electronic items for recycling and regular household items and clothes for reusing.

Hurleyville Holiday Kids Clothing Drive

Researched this charitable new clothing donations for children in the upstate NY community near Hurleyville. for distribution at a holiday party in Dec 7th and 8th.

Let a driver pull out ahead of me

A driver was struggling to turn right, wet, windy and sleet rain, so I flashed an patiently let them take their to turn – no rush!

A drive for someone who missed the bus.

A guy from my small town of Noviglio had missed the bus that only passes once an hour. I gave him a drive to the next small town of Rosate.

Children of the World: Our Inspiration

365give is dedicated to a little boy I never met but will always love. Have you ever had something happen in your life that brought you to your knees in […]

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50 ways to give? Really? Will it work, will it make me happier? Research has been clear. Giving makes you happy. You don’t have to be […]

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A beautiful word or thought that is not accompanied by corresponding acts is like a bright flower that bears no fruit. It would never produce an effect.  -The […]

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This GIVE is a team GIVE inspired and supported by my dear friend Mark. Thank you Mark for being so generous – this is your GIVE […]

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Chef’s Challenge Update: I need your help. On November 21, 2010 I am traveling to Toronto to participate in a fundraising event called the Chef’s Challenge […]

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Day 43: The Technology Age

Computers, telephones, printers, dvd players, IPADs and a host of other gadgets have added so much to our lives in so many ways. We can communicate with people all over the world, we […]

53: Collaboration

When you get a room of people together that are all there for one purpose – giving back – the energy is amazing. Last night I […]

Day 59: Blanket BC

This GIVE was sent to me by a girlfriend. I really appreciate any suggestions for these GIVES. I still have 306 days to go so all your ideas are […]

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Day 70: A Box Full of Joy

I have discovered after blogging for 70 days, that the holiday season is the easiest time to GIVE. Opportunities are everywhere to GIVE that are low or no cost. […]