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I have two dogs. Both were rescued from very different circumstances in different parts of Ontario but I found them both online through Petfinders. It gave me the opportunity to search online for a family pet that would be a great match for us. They have been in the business of pet adoption for 15 years and have assisted in the adoption of 17,000,000 animals. I feel a debt of gratitude for our dogs as our family wouldn`t be complete without them. Today was my day to give back in a small way and if we all give today we can help them make a world of difference to so many more animals in need of shelter, compassion and a home.

The contest ends today so vote now!

Mackenzie: Photo by Karen Somers Photography

Give 238: Give 238

I don`t have $500,000 to give to myself let alone to charity. But I do have a voice and a finger! This give takes one click to help the Petfinder Foundation win $500,000 from Chase Community Giving. Imagine if every person that reads this, tweets this, Facebooks and emails this voting opportunity in just a few hours the opportunity to give could travel around the world. With all of our fingers clicking by the end of the day we could give the Petfinders Foundation a donation of $500,000. t takes one minute to clicked.

I may not have $500,000 to give but all together we will have the ability to get the Chase Community Giving to donate the money instead. Isn`t this a good deal! We click they donate.

If you ever had a pet in your life you know how much they mean to you. Help me get more animals in need a home.

The contest ends today so vote today!

Time Commitment: 1 minute

Cost: 0

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