Today is September 1, 2010 and I am just 28 days away from starting my new project “365give”. If you have read “My Story” or earlier posts, you will see I have never blogged before.  Not only have I never blogged before but my technical savvy stops at attaching a document to an email. So practice makes perfect. I thought I would share a few stories with you about what exactly brought me to this point in my life. I will become a better blogger and you may find something about my story that resonates with you.

Today’s topic – fear.

I like to consider myself smart. I am not highly educated with letters behind my name but I have experience and I work hard. I am resourceful, I have had my own company for 15 years. I have raised millions of dollars for charity throughout my business and my person volunteer work. I have worked with celebrities, billionaires and the homeless. Very few people or situations intimidate me but we all have moments in our life where things flat out scare us. Changing the world is one of those things for me.

Harry Rosen

I have had a number of brilliant mentors in my life, one being Harry Rosen. Yes there really is a man, Harry Rosen.  I worked for Harry in a management role in his stores for a number of years. I was young and there were very few women working in management levels at that time. (I’m not that old I was just really young at the time!) I will always remember one of my first training sessions I did with Harry. He was teaching a group of us how to measure for a custom made suit.

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