November 25th, 2014 | jacqueline

We are always looking for great volunteers to assist with the daily operations of 365give. Do you have a skill you wish to share?

We are supporters of virtual volunteers who want to help out a few hours a week. Let us know what your passion is and we are sure to find a fit at 365give


  1. Hello,

    I have a 12 year old brother, and am looking to get him involved volunteering. Do you have any opportunities with your organization, or advice on where he should get started.

    • Hi Yousef. I am so sorry for the delay. Thank you for reaching out and watching our talk. You should start with your brother the same way I started with my son. Start giving simple and small every day. We will be launching a new site in the fall and you will have the opportunity to sign up and join our community. He can also get his own school involved. Where do you live?

  2. Hi, I am a software engineer working on Los Angeles. I want to volunteer in 365give in any way I can. I have been a math and computer science tutor before at Penn State, I can help raise awareness for a cause, hold bake sales, maybe assist a teacher in their class, or anything that requires me to spend a couple of hours during weekends. Please let me know how I can help.

  3. Hi,

    do you accept volunteers from outside your country? I can share through online posts since I am a VA. 🙂

    • Hi Yasmin. Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We do accept out of country volunteers and would love to learn more about you. Cna you email me at changetheworld@ 365give.ca Thanks so much look forward to chatting further.

  4. Hi!!!

    I saw the Ted talk a became super interested in the project! I’m currently not a mom yet but I’d love to participate and volunteer!
    I currently live in Chicago and have a great passion for taking care of others so I’m sure I’ll feel great in any task that revolves around people 🙂
    More on me, I’m 26 years old, married, Brazilian and working for Kraft Heinz. I have every other weekend free here in Chicago 🙂

    Please let me know 🙂


  5. Hi jacqueline,

    I recently saw your TEDx talk and it was just amazing. I am always inspired by the idea of giving something back to the community. Though I had the wish to do it, I couldn’t find a right platform to do it at the very start. So, I started donating some money online to some cancer, leukemia patients who are in need. But, I am more interested to get involved myself rather than just donating the money.
    I myself was an IBS patient. So I started YOGA around 2 years back. I was so amazed by the way YOGA has changed my life. I always feel a sense of energy flowing around me. I tried sending out YOGA mats to my friends and wanted to help some of my friends feel the same sense of vibes. However I couldn’t succeed much as they had different priorities. This is just 1 way I thought I would help some of my friends to get a feel what i have experiences through.

    There are many do various other things. I think 365give is very good platform to continue my start my personal with my community.

    • Hi Venkata. Thank you for taking the time to watch! It sounds like you have truly been doing your part! You don’t have to give money. So many simple ways you can give. Our family does not have much money to give the reason we do so many other things. Why not send a note of gratitude to your friends for all they add to your life. It’s hard to get others to join or commit to an activity to you love. But when you give to another person it will truly rub off on them. We are starting a new platform this fall where you will be able to engage with us online. Please follow us on Facebook to keep our Global Committee growing. Have a great day!

  6. Hi I’m Lili and I love the idea of your organisation 365give. I love helping in any way I can and this 365give campaign has inspired me even more. I’m a 14 year old in highschool and would be very happy to dedicate my time to help you out. I am passionate about helping the poorer communities of the world and am also really passionate about animals. Thankyou, Lili McCumstie

  7. Hi there! I have great skills with babies and I love to care for them 0-11 is my favorite. I have can skills, singing skills, people skills. I love to sing, dance, learn languages, cuddle babies and be with people
    I can clean cook and if I don’t know how to do something I will learn quickly!

  8. I’m a person which is suffering with a depression. And I want to try that method of giving. Do you have any group of volunteers in Israel so I can join them?

  9. I can help with anything really! I have been doing Random Acts of Kindness with my kids over the last few years and I would love to bring more of t his passion and plan to Iowa:).

    • Hi Tiffany. Thank you so much for reaching out. So great to hear you are already doing acts of kindness with your kids. Do you want to email us changetheworld@365give and we can talk about how we can help get The 365give Challenge into your community or schools. Look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.

  10. Hi..am from Kenya… Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful idea to the world…. I have my whole perspective changed and a care-to-give-back notion instilled by watching ur Ted talk…. Am a college student and I would love to start this challenge small with our schools and our community back here…. How do I start… How can I get involved with volunteering??

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