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November 25th, 2014 | jacqueline

We love stories about giving. Write about your daily give and share it with our readers. This is a great way to inspire others to give every day.

365give started as a blog in 2010 so we know the power of sharing your giving stories. Whether you are a teacher, a student, or someone who gives once a week or once a day, we love to share stories of inspiration with our readers. Blog Posts should be up to 400 words and no longer than 600 words. Please include a bit about yourself and links to a website if appropriate. Images are welcome and should be in JPEG format no larger then 600 pxs.

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  1. Last week while browsing the Ted Talks topics on YouTube, i came across the video shared about 365Give. A very powerful and inspiring clip that really got to me and reflected how i aspire to see the world. I then introduce the same topic to my best friend and asked for encouragement to implement the same method in our day.

    That same day the temperature was about 50 degrees with high humidity in our beloved country, Bahrain. We found a white stray dog sitting on the ground in the sun on a small puddle of water trying to cool itself down from the heat. The same idea crossed our minds at that point as we couldn’t bare sing that dog suffering.

    We head to the nearest cold store to get water and canned dog food. The dog was still there when we got back but within one minute of preparing the bowl with food and water it was gone. We looked everywhere!

    We then went stay dog hunting for another dog to feed since we had the intention in mind. We didn’t need to look very far as we are currently facing a crisis in the vast increase of stray dogs in the country. Mission was shortly accomplished and inner peace began to take place.

    I will hereon try to do my best to give back to the community in different selfless ways continuously so that I too can grow as a human being.

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