365give Baby Miracle

  • One day with out Twitter!
  • One day without Facebook!
  • One day with no writing on your blog or updating your website
  • One day not evening responding to the emails coming in from all over the world. 

There is only one reason to let is all go when you have committed to giving every day for 365 daysA Miracle. 

Day 353: Give 353

Baby MiraclesDay 352 is the ultimate 365give. Two days ago my husband and I adopted a baby boy. The #1 reason to put everything in your life on hold.

  • Do you remember what it was like to hold your child in your arms for the very first time?
  • Do you remember that feeling of love that washes over your entire body and soul when you look at your child?

This is a story of a miracle – a little baby boy that finally got to feel his forever families love wrapped around his heart forever.

If today is your first time reading 365give I will share my story with you. 365give was inspired by my first son, Nicolas. Nicolas was adopted by my husband and I when he was just 12 weeks old. He is my inspiration to make the world a better place. 2 days ago was a very special day – it was his 4th birthday. Exactly 1 year ago that I started 365give. (365give but due to be finished on this day but due to hacking I was shut down for 2 weeks). It is also the day we brought his brother home. 

On Day 286: Giving to Help Grief I wrote a very personal story of how my husband and I had were trying to adopt a baby for the second time through the Ministry of Children and Family Development and just hours before we were to meet our second child the adoption was cancelled. This was the second time this had happened to us in the last year and half.

It was a very sad day in our house. The little boy we were already calling our son was going into foster care. I held hope in my heart that one day he would still come home – I had never met him or even seen a picture of him but I already loved him like he was my own.

1 month later we received the call we had been waiting for – our son was finally legally available for adoption. I jumped with joy as my heart sang with the words telling me my dream had come true.

But there was yet another stumbling block.

The paper work to actually get him in our house would take another month to complete. How was I possibly going to wait a month knowing my son was just a short drive away but I was not able to see him, hold him or tell him I loved him. We had to wait.

If you ever really want to learn patience in your life go through an adoption like this one. Every day that went by I felt more anxious, more fearful I would loose him again. I had to keep the faith that if we were destined to be together it would all work out. I was being told to “Let it Be.

After weeks of waiting I could not take it any more – I was in tears from the stress and anxiety from all the weeks that had gone by and in that moment the call came. The paper work was finally ready and we would have our son home in just days.

That day has arrived and my beautiful boy is finally here. You never know how much you can love in your life until you hold a miracle in your arms.

My give of the day yesterday was to take the entire day off from social media to spend with both my sons. My “Buddha Boys” as I am now calling them. They are both “pure love.” It is easy to get so wrapped up in the world of Twitter and FB and now Google +1 but at the end of the day the most important thing in the world are our children.

They deserve our full attention, our time, and our love. 

Do you have a miracle you would like to share? Send us your story. Let’s remind everyone that the world is not filled with just bad stories and miracles do happen.

Time Commitment: A life time of giving and unconditional love to my son


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