Daily Give Ideas

Our students and teachers have shared their best daily gives that were used in the classrooms and communities. Use these successes to inspire your daily give of the day, or let the success of these student gives trigger a useful community or personal give today. 365give makes giving easy with small, meaningful acts. Learn from others and complete your give today.


Video Inspiration

A video is worth a thousand words! Use these videos in your classroom to start the conversation about giving or have students watch the videos to learn what children are doing around the world as they influence their communities and each other. Use and enjoy these video clips to inspire you and your students to change the world one day at a time.



Click-to-give is an easy way to share your giving power online through the click of a button. By clicking on these websites or programs sponsors donate money to a charity or cause. How easy is that! You click a button, the world gets better. You do a good deed through the power of crowd clicking. Spread the word about what you are passionate about.


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