This is who we are and what we do

• The 365give mission is to empower children through education to change the world one child, one give, one day at a time

How we envision completing this mission

• The 365give vision is to educate the hearts and minds of children to create lasting positive social change both locally and globally through the experience of daily giving.

This is how we do it

• 365give is committed to the creation and maintenance of a global giving movement for the younger generation.

• 365give works with educators to motivate and educate children to give every day of the school year.

• 365give works with educators to create positive school cultures through our programs and partnerships.

• 365give helps measure the positive social impact that giving has on the world with The Giving Tree and Daily Giving Journal.

• 365give has partnered with researchers to identify and measure the impact giving has on children their well-being, the way they learn, school cultures, and their community.

Our values direct everything we do


How can I get involved as a volunteer?

Email us. Let us know what interests you and what drew you to 365give. We have lots of opportunities for volunteers at 365give and welcome anyone who wishes to work with us.
Email 365give

How can I donate to 365give?

Donations can be made online through our donations page. Review our donation and payment options as we have many. Dedicate your donation to a friend, pick an area of the organization that resonates with you, or just donate knowing that your contribution will help to grow the movement.

I just want to give everyday. Do you have suggestions on how I can do this?

Giving everyday is as simple as 1,2,3. Check out our blog that has over 365 days of giving. Find inspiration and links that will inspire online and offline global giving. Share your giving journey as a guest blogger or share your daily giving on our Facebook page. We love that you want to join in on the community commitment. You will find that giving grows on you!

How can I get involved if I am not a teacher?

Community groups, clubs, and children’s programs are welcome to join in the 365give Challenge! The Educators Resources will be useful guidelines for your program, and we are happy to work with you to adopt the Challenge to meet your needs. Our program is a perfect addition for any children’s or young adult program that wishes to have more of a community and social citizenry focus!

How can I get my classroom involved in the 365give Challenge?

Our programs page explains how the program runs in a local classroom while our Educator’s resource page provides curriculum information for participating teachers. Please review our information and email us at changetheworkd@365give.ca to enroll your class in the 365give Challenge today!

Is 365give a registered charity?

365give is a registered not-for-profit. This structure enables 365give to receive donations but does not allow us to issue tax receipts. It ensures that we are accountable and transparent to both donors, communities, and our Board of Directors.



Jacqueline Way is the founder and worker bee of 365give. Her past involvement with not-for-profit organizations and her passion for communities is what started this project as a blog and grew it into a educational program.

Board of Directors


The support and dedication of our Board of Directors is what makes 365give a unique and effective organization. This team of volunteers tirelessly works with 365give to make it bigger and better.